Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 Years? Really?

I have been working on this scarf off and on for three years.
Yes, really!
The Mini Mania Scarf by Sarah Core
I love the colors and texture of it.
One row would take me an hour to knit.
Made with sock yarn,
this scarf uses the eponymous fabric stitch, or linen stitch.
 It looks like woven linen fabric.
Oh ya, tons of them if you look really hard.
I was really embarrassed to find myself selling our handmade items
 this last weekend wearing a store-bought scarf and tote.
Hard to preach handmade in that situation. ;)



  1. Gorgeous scarf . . . I like the weave look . . .
    Amazing how we can sometimes catch ourselves "off point!"
    I think all your home made wonderfuls made you a shinning star in your shhh, (store bought things.)

  2. Thanks Lynne. Do you knit? I can direct you to the free pattern.