Thursday, May 22, 2014


There's a new sheriff in town...
This new Dakota Maid guy took me most of the day to make today.
Those first ones always take the longest.
Don't let his size fool you, he's only 6" x 7"
and one mean dude!
All corduroy and denim.
And look at those leather boots he's sport'n.
Don't get caught laughing at him behind his back
or calling him square...
cuz he'll write you a ticket right now!
He'll be watching for any suspicious activity
 at the rodeo this weekend.



  1. A teddy bear pillow!!! He is adorable! Oh wait.....will he write me up for saying that????? I mean....He is one tough dude!!!

  2. What fun . . . I am amazed at the ideas you dream up . . .