Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Ruby Red!

I am so happy to be knitting with a color
 other than pink, yellow or purple.

 I like red...
if I had an old pickup it would look like this...
I have red as an accent color in my kitchen and living room.
My favorite vegetable is red...
I know, I know... tomatoes are considered a fruit.
Who decided that?
At our house we eat it as a vegetable.

And from my favorite movie...
the ruby red slippers.

Secret: Daughter Knit and Pearl let it slip the other day
that they are considering the name Ruby for their new addition.

think (hope) she's kidding because I have already named her...



  1. Love the vibrant red . . . Ruby and Rosie sound like we now know that the new addition will be a girl?

  2. CORRECTION: Baby O.'s father said he was going to name her after his favorite pop-Ruby Red Squirt. :) I hope I do not have to be put under for her birth or I will definitely be scared to see what name is officially entered onto her birth certificate when I come back around. ;P