Wednesday, November 20, 2013


When you can't find gnocchi in the stores...
you go home and make your own.
There's nothing I like better than a challenge.
I won't share my recipe...
I can tell you it included potatoes, eggs, flour, sea salt and baking powder.
WHAT! NO butter or cream?
I went online to find my recipe and instructions.
I just wouldn't feel right sharing a recipe that I haven't proofed yet.
Really pretty easy.
WARNING: Things are about to get messy from here.
Get your hands in there to mix things up.
I could have used a couple of granddaughters here...
they like to use their hands.
How can you go wrong with a potato dough?
I also like to make my own noodles when time allows.
What do you think Paula Deen?
I will put them in the freezer covered with parchment paper
to freeze individually before bagging them.

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  1. I think as Daughter Knit and Pearl this is a MUST HAVE recipe!! You know my number!! :)