Thursday, July 27, 2017

the shed

Backing up to last Thursday evening and our arts and crafts sale...
My sister and I rented this storage shed to sell our wares out of.
What a good idea right?
Renting out these For Sale sheds for an evening.
My sister and I just wanted to pick up our shed
 and take it home...our wares intact.
It was a lot of work for one hot evening
but it is always fun to step back and admire all of our hard work.


  1. Now there is a GRAND idea!
    Loved clicking on the pics to enlarge . . .
    And oh my, the large pic of someone on the back wall,
    at the water pump, is really, really GRAND too!
    They opened up a block of little sheds like yours near
    our Farmer's Market this year.
    It has received positive comments!
    How were your sales in that very hot weather!

  2. Oh my, yes, I want in on the next one of these!!! CUTE, CUTE!