Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fly Boy

I decided our youngest granddaughter
 needed a little something more
 from grandma's little sewing sweat shop...
The pattern writer wrote,
"He's a stout little chap with a touch of dare devil
 bubbling away just under the surface.
 He knows the only place he can truly fly is under the waves
 but it's in the sky that his dreams of flight really live.
 One day he just might soar like an every boy dreams of doing."
After two days of fine stitching, knitting, stuffing
and generally just pulling out my hair...
Image result for red baron snoopy
In the end...
I decided Fly Boy is too delicate for play
and whipped up something more child proof.
Sorry Fly were destined to be a shelf sitter.
~b is for (red) Baron

1 comment:

  1. I would "shelf sit " him too!
    Adorable . . .
    (Love the scarf . . .)