Tuesday, November 3, 2015


When we found ourselves in Amish country this last trip...
we decided to do a little exploring.
Their lifestyle intrigues me...
we all know "simple" is better.
But how do you begin to de-clutter a life?
Mr. b said you can tell Amish homes...
they always have clothes on the line.
Maybe I am a little Amish then.
I definitely don't like my picture taken.
I checked out the local quilt shop
 just to see where those beautiful Amish quilts begin.
Sure enough, there were two Amish women buying fabric...
yards and yards of it.
winter star block
I picked out a few Amish colors for a Farm Girl Vintage quilt square.
I also bought a cookbook...
we agree that butter, cream and eggs
should be used in unlimited amounts.

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