Friday, September 11, 2015


I've been wanting to show you
 this child's quilt I finally finished.
I recently got it back from the quilter.
When I decided to put Willa on it for a picture
I realized she needed pajamas.
The whole time I was sewing them 
 they reminded of flannel pajamas that could be bought
years ago at Woolworth's.
Who is lucky enough to remember shopping
 and then eating at Woolworth's lunch counter?
I still have the stuffed animal my grandfather bought me at Woolworth's.
"Don't get attached to that quilt Willa...
it's for sale."
And talking about quilts...
We may need one on the bed tonight.
I'm enjoying these cool temps.


  1. Such beautiful art you create . . .
    Adorable "Jammie's" too . . .
    I remember Woolworth's moments . . .