Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Mad Scientist

I enjoy making baby shoes...
I mean I REALLY enjoy making baby shoes.
So I guess I really jumped on it when daughter knit and pearl
mentioned that granddaughter #3 could use a new pair.
Aren't those elephants walking across the top of these cute?
If I have 4 inches of fabric left from another project ...
I can make a pair of  shoes.
This flowered denim has been made into a purse,
a doll skirt and now a pair of shoes.
And I may still get a pair of doll shorts.
Pieces to small for a project go into a scrap bag
for granddaughter art projects.
These puppy shoes are made with a new pattern.

My sewing room turns into a lab when I decide
to try a new pattern.
I like to think I'm the mad scientist.
It can sometimes take two or three attempts
 before I'm satisfied with the new pattern.

The true test will be if my little model likes them
and they stay on.

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