Monday, August 18, 2014


We are back from a week spent in North Dakota
welcoming our new granddaughter into the world.
She's a doll alright!
We got to sit in on her first photo session.
Parents and photographers have lots of patience!
Isn't her headband cute?
Her mama made it.


  1. I just figured out why she was so fussy last night. ..... she knew she didn't get to wake up to grandma and grandpa this morning!

  2. Oh precious little one
    May you enjoy a spectacular life . . .
    Have your granny teach you how to sew and knit . . .
    So you can carry on that tradition.
    Wishing you restful, sleepy nights for your mommy and daddy . . .
    So beautiful you are!

  3. Congratulations granny and gramps . . .


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